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My name is Amanda Holiday. I am passionate about helping children become excited, confident and comfortable with the world of numbers! My enthusiasm and teaching style create a classroom environment that is fun, stimulating and that encourages my students to be actively engaged in their learning process. 



I have been teaching for 12 years to students in elementary levels of math through Algebra 2 and have taught math in a variety of classroom settings, including at a public middle school in Charleston, SC, at an inner-city charter school in Columbus, OH, and at a family of private schools here in Orange County, LePort Schools. I have a lot of experience privately tutoring students with a variety of math skill levels and have led math clubs and test-prep courses as well. During three of my five years working for LePort Schools, I was a part of the company-wide Curriculum Development Team and spent time during the summers and school years developing and enhancing the math curriculum for the upper elementary and junior high programs.



Through my time examining many textbooks, developing curriculum and working with students over the years, I found Singapore Math to be a phenomenal program that truly helps students feel confident and comfortable with mathematical thinking and approaching word problems. I have extensive experience with the Singapore Math approach. I first researched Singapore Math seven years ago and have used it in my classroom ever since! In the summer of 2011, I also attended the National Conference on Singapore Math Strategies in Las Vegas where I learned more about this exceptional approach. Throughout my many years using the curriculum, I have purchased and even created many supplemental materials that I use and give to students in my classroom to even further enhance this curriculum and develop my students' excitement, confidence and comfortability with the concepts being taught! 




I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Middle Grades Education with concentrations in math and social studies. I graduated magna cum laude from the College of Charleston in South Carolina where, upon graduation, I was also awarded the College of Charleston School of Education’s Middle Grades Outstanding Student Award. 



I live in Southern California with my husband, twin 7-year-old sons and a 4-year-old daughter. I love being outside, reading, building memories with my family, and crafting! 


I hope to get the opportunity to teach your child this year!

About Me
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