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Helping children become
excited, confident and comfortable with the world of numbers
since 2009!


Vivien, parent of 4th grader

"My daughter has enjoyed Mrs. Holiday’s classes because she’s always positive and upbeat. She also makes math as engaging and enjoyable as possible. My daughter said she is very patient and makes everyone feel welcome. She gives all the students many opportunities to answer questions in class. I like her classes because she is great with the students, keeps them on track, provides a detailed syllabus of what’s needed for each class and is super responsive/helpful when we email questions. She is always striving to improve and become a better teacher for her students by asking for the parents’ input. I appreciate this very much. Mrs. Holiday explains concepts clearly, concisely and makes it fun! We’ve been with Mrs. Holiday for 2 years now and will continue. [Her online math classes are]  convenient because we travel a lot and we’re also able to rewatch the recordings of the classes if needed."

Connie, parent of 3rd grader

"My daughter is a third grader who LOVES Mrs. Holiday's online Singapore Math class because it is so engaging and everything about it is JUST RIGHT.  The games, books, math tools, review/practice work, discussions, class interactions, and Mrs. Holiday's encouragement and enthusiasm all work together to make every class absolutely fantastic! My daughter is engaged from start to finish, and motivated between sessions to do the homework, which includes lots of games that we play as a family. As a parent who is very interested in math education, I can see that Mrs. Holiday uses all the best methods to teach math effectively, which is the whole point of Singapore Math. We were concerned that the Dimensions Math series would be too hard, but Mrs. Holiday explains everything so well and provides the perfect amount of scaffolding to make the work accessible with just the right amount of challenge. We also like that every class is recorded and available for later viewing on the days your child can't make it to class.  It has been such a great help! My daughter gives this class 5 out 5 stars and can't wait to move on to the next level in the fall!"

Katrina, parent of a 2nd grader

"My daughter loves learning new things about math she doesn't know and participating in live classes where she has an opportunity to ask and answer questions.

I love how organized your class is; your spreadsheet outlines everything we need for the entire school year, including assignments and enrichment recommendations.

I would definitely recommend your classes because you teach in an organized manner, and the kids are learning skills that will support them in future grades.

It has worked for us because we already loved Singapore math and were utilizing it in our homeschool. Now, we have the benefit of live classes with an experienced instructor who teaches it and is able to engage the kids in a way that helps them understand the foundational aspects of Singapore math."



Hi there!  My name is Amanda Holiday, and I am passionate about teaching math!

I have been teaching math for 13 years and have been teaching Singapore Math specifically for 11 years.

I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Middle Grades Education with concentrations in math and social studies from the College of Charleston in South Carolina where, upon graduation, I was also awarded the College of Charleston School of Education’s Middle Grades Outstanding Student Award. 

I live in Southern CA with my husband, twin 8-year-old sons and 5-year-old daughter. I love being outside, reading, building memories with my family, and crafting! 


I hope to get the opportunity to teach your child this year!




Having basic math facts automatized helps students more quickly and easily solve the higher level problems they will face as they progress in math. I have created a program, that is included in your math class, to help your child keep up with those math facts at home! I have taken the basic math facts needed at each grade level and broken them down into weekly chunks to practice. We begin each class with a math facts exercise, and then students are assigned those problems to practice at home during the week! 


I have a large library of math storybooks that provide a rich opportunity to build not only math understanding, but also literacy skills. These storybooks are worked into my lessons, either in our live instruction time, or in a recorded read-aloud I send to you during the week.

I also share storybooks about famous mathematicians and their contributions to society— mathematicians who are men and women, and mathematicians of diverse races and ethnicitiesso every student can identify with a mathematical role model and see themselves as a mathematician!


Even while we are learning online, my students are being introduced to math concepts concretely, using hands-on activities with things they have around their homes to continue to make math engaging and memorable! I have a special document camera that I use so students can see my face and the hands-on work I am walking them through as we are learning— just like if we were in a classroom together.

Supplemental Games + Activities

During class, students engage in live math games with one another to practice the math concepts we are learning.

I also send ideas for activities and games you can use at home to further supplement what they learned in class that week.

Check out my Pinterest page below to discover more math games and activities as well!


Have you seen the results?

An international test, the TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study), assesses math and science competency in countries around the world. Singapore students consistently rank among the top.

Scan Jul 3, 2021 at 11.27 AM page 1.JPG

TIMSS 4th grade mathematics scores and rankings of Singapore and US. 

Scan Jul 3, 2021 at 11.27 AM page 2.JPG

TIMSS 8th grade mathematics scores and rankings of Singapore and US. 

*Source: The Secrets to Singapore’s World Class Curriculum, by Wenxi Lee

CPA approach

The Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach helps students develop a deep understanding of math through building on their knowledge. This highly effective framework introduces concepts in a tangible way and progresses to increasing levels of abstraction.


  • Concrete phase: Students use physical objects to represent problems.

  • Pictorial phase: Students make a mental connection between the objects they just handled and visual representations of those objects. For example, real oranges (or counters standing in for oranges) are now represented as drawings of oranges.

  • Abstract phase: Students use numbers, math symbols (+, −, ×, ÷) and algorithms to represent and solve problems.

Bar Modeling

Bar models are a versatile tool that students can use to visualize a range of math concepts, such as fractions, ratios, percentages, and more. Drawing bar models for word problems allows students to determine the knowns and unknowns in a given situation. It extends the CPA approach, especially the pictorial phase, as it allows students to illustrate the mathematical information given in problems. It prepares them to understand more complex math on a conceptual level.

Mental math
Number bonds

The Singapore Math approach teaches techniques and skills to easily and accurately perform mental math. These strategies help students develop number sense and flexibility in thinking about numbers.


Many mental math strategies involve splitting up numbers into parts, then performing operations on them in a different order from the original problem. The thought processes involved in mental math are often illustrated by number bonds.

Number bonds are a pictorial technique that show the part-whole relationship between numbers. This method helps early elementary students work towards addition and subtraction, and illustrates strategies to solve problems mentally. Using number bonds fosters a solid number sense that helps students throughout their math education.


Click the links below for detailed class descriptions

Dimensions Math Level TK / Kinder            1 class/week            Tuesdays                         2:30-3:15pm PST

Dimensions Math Level 1                             1 class/week            Tuesdays                         9:00-9:55am PST

Dimensions Math Level 2                             1 class/week            Thursdays                        9:00-9:55am PST

Dimensions Math Level 3                             2 classes/week        Tuesdays/Thursdays       10:00-10:55am PST


Dimensions Math Level 4                             2 classes/week        Tuesdays/Thursdays       11:00-11:55am PST

Dimensions Math Level 5                             2 classes/week        Tuesdays/Thursdays      12:30-1:25pm PST

Dimensions Math Level 6                             2 classes/week        Tuesdays/Thursdays       1:30-2:25pm PST


  • FALL 2023 semester begins: September 5, 2023
  • TUITION:  
    • 1 class/week: $295 / semester
    • 2 classes/week: $580 / semester
  • Each semester is 16 weeks long
  • Students will need to take 2 semesters to receive the full scope of each Dimensions Math course.
  • Classes are nonsectarian.
Online Class


California Charter Schools

I am an approved vendor for, and can accept funds from the following California Charter Schools:

  • Sky Mountain (NEW!)

  • Sage Oak Charter

  • Excel Academy

  • iLead

  • Cabrillo Point

  • Pacific Coast Academy

  • Blue Ridge Academy

  • Granite Mountain

  • Mission Vista

  • Suncoast Prep


  • Compass 

If your charter is not listed, and you want to use funds towards one of my classes, please contact me. I would be happy to consider becoming an approved vendor for your charter!

Out of Pocket

If you are not a part of a California Charter school, or you would prefer to pay out of pocket, you may pay via: 

  • Venmo 

  • Cash App

  • Zelle

If you wish to discuss private payment terms please contact me directly, and I would be happy to discuss the options with you.



Click the links below to check out the topics we will cover in each course.

Dimensions Math for TK/K
Dimensions Math Level 1
Dimensions Math Level 2
Dimensions Math Level 3
Dimensions Math Level 4
Dimensions Math Level 5
Dimensions Math Level 6


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